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Jubilee is a special anniversary of an event, especially one celebrating twenty-five or fifty years of a reign or activity. Jubilee from its origin really means start over again. Online Solutions is happy to inform the jubilant news of entering in to the 25th Year – the silver jubilee year on 14th April 2019. Online Solutions team assures to continue its dedicated services in the field of Imaging and Vision and also assures to start over again to improve in every bit of its activities towards betterment of the company, its customers, society and also the country.

 The company would follow 3Vs as below:

V- Versatility – Adaptability, flexibility, resourcefulness, usefulness, changeability
V-  Visibility – brightness, distinguishability 
V - Visionary – creative and inventive.

Following are some of the milestones of the company.

1999- became private limited.

 Product supply and services :

• Supplied and worked as Technical partners in ECIL Hyderabad held in New Delhi for UVSS – gate security systems.
• Supplied and worked as Technical partners in projects like Unmanned Air Vehicles, Border Surveillance, Missile tracking, Space applications etc. 
• Suppliers for leading Rice, grains and Sugar Sorting System manufacturers
• Suppliers and Technical partners in major steel plant automation. 
• Partner with IIT Madras for e-books on Stress Analysis and Fracture Mechanics.

Product creations:
- Vision Lab setups for Machine Vision, General and Medical Imaging, Biometrics, robotics 
- Tailor made courses on Advanced Imaging and Machine Vision
- E-books on Machine Vision practical Guide to help new entrants to learn practical machine vision helping Skill development and Make in India concepts of Government of India.
- Online Under Vehicle Scanning Systems and Online Number Plate Recognition Systems

Online Solutions runs the most informative blog with all latest trends, technology, applications uploaded there. Online Solutions sends effective News letters to all its client base.

Online Solutions represents worlds leading companies in India for all components related to Imaging and Vision. Also, keeps expanding the product line complementing the existing product line.

Online Solutions today has more than 200 prestigious clients all across the country.  More information can be had from 

 “Thanking & seeking the support of all customers and well wishers and assuring the best support always”  Online Solutions Team.

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