Basler ASC Cameras


Basler ace2 Basic:

Latest CMOS sensors from Sony, optimized hardware, powerful firewire, top price/ performance ratio for standard vision applications -GigE, USB 3.0


Basler ace2 Pro:

Unique In camera Features:

Compression Beyond, Pixels, Beyond and PGI feature set for maximum performance -GigE, USB 3.0

Basler ace Classic:

Broad sensor selection incl. CMOSIS, e2V, ON Semiconductor and Sony (CCD), low priced, high performance -USB 3.0, GigE, Cameralink.


Basler ace U:

Advanced feature set, latest CMOS sensors from Sony (Pregius, STARVIS) and ON Semiconductor (PYTHON) -GigE, USB 3.0


Basler ace L:

High resolution 9& 12MP Sony Pregius CMOS sensors up to 1.1”, advanced feature set -USB 3.0, GigE


Basler aviator:

High performance, excellent image quality, great price -GigE, Cameralink


Basler beat:

Brilliant CMOS image quality and proven design -Cameralink


Basler boost:

Modern high- performance cameras for high data rates and excellent image quality -CoaXPress 2.0 (CXP-12)


Basler dart:

Highly flexible and compact board level design -USB 3.0, BCON for MIPI


Basler pilot:

Excellent image quality, slim design, easily integrated -GigE


Basler pulse:

A compact and low weight camera, with elegant design -USB 3.0


Basler scout:

Proven worldwide, versatile -GigE continue...


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