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50W Halogen MHF-V501

Moritex manufactures high quality 50W halogen light sources. The MHF-V501 is a compact multifunctional 50W Halogen light source. This unit costs the least and last the longest of all our Halogen Lamp Light Sources


100W Halogen MHAA-100W

Moritex manufactures 100W Halogen light sources that come with various options that can be matched to your specific applications. The MHAA-100W is a highly reliable and is the best selling light source


150W Halogen MHAB-150W

Moritex offers two 150W Halogen light sources that can used for a variety of high intensity lighting applications


250W Metal Halide MME-250

Moritex offers the MME-250 high power (250W) Metal Halide light source for image processing and inspection. Our Metal Halide light sources don"t flicker because a direct current lighting method is used patek philippe watches for sale



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