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Image Capture Software:


Pixelink has released version 10.3 of Pixelink Capture. This real-time, interactive, multi-camera software application is compatible with all Pixelink PL-B and PL-D line of cameras. Pixelink Capture has been developed using the most advanced software development tools in the market to provide an unmatched multi-camera user experience. Pixelink Capture streams real-time, high-quality video that can be viewed in a multi-window environment. This includes a preview window, a configuration window, and a real-time graphical histogram on a monitor providing the ability to adjust image size, color and exposure interactively through an easy-to-use control interface prior to image or video clip capture. The camera begins streaming at the point the application is launched. The User has the ability to drag and drop or arrange windows as they like. As a multi-camera application with a built-in autofocus application, Pixelink Capture offers tremendous flexibility and power allowing vision engineers the ability to configure and test multi-camera vision applications.


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