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Lasers are used as structured light source in lots of imaging systems. This form of light source 3-dimensional contours of moving and static objects can be recorded. Depending on the object under test micro and macro lines or various patterns (multi lines, dot matrices, crosses, circles etc) are used.  Micro lines have depending on the working distance line widths < 25 µm, makro lines typcally 100 µm to 1-2 mm. Many applications also have high demands on the homogenity of the line. Speckle reduced lasers are superior to "normal" lasers especially in case of small objects or small height variations where the speckle noise of standard lasers makes a clear edge detection difficult or impossible. 



ZM18H-F HighEnd

ZM18H-F-green  High End green

ZQ2  Imaging, Science

ZM18B-F green  Green

ZM12-DM5  Digital Modulation

ZM12B  Laser module

ZM12-green  Laser module green

ZM18-DM  Digital Modulation

ZM18-DM5  Digital Modulation

ZM18 Developer Kit

ZQ-G  Imaging

ZQ Imaging

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