Shadowless Illuminations

Moritex offers three types of MG Wave shadowless LEDs: ring type, low angle ring type, and low angle square type. The shadowless LEDs (also known as "dark field" LEDs) provide soft, even, and diffused lighting that is necessary when illuminating shiny objects and preventing the halo effect. The shadowless low angle square type LEDs are perfect for inspecting square shaped objects. Of course, all of the shadowless LEDs come in red, green, blue, and white wavelengths.



The MBRL Series bar light LEDs provide oblique lighting from any angle suited to the object by utilizing high luminance LEDs arranged in a bar configuration.


Line Illuminations

MLNL series are one of the ideal line type illumination for line scan CCD camera.


High Power Led Spot

Moritex"s MG Wave high-powered coaxial spot LED lights (MCEP Series) are designed to be compatible with our machine micro lenses. These small, lightweight lights utilize proprietary collector optics and light guides for maximum illuminance. Stable illumination can be achieved when used with a dedicated constant-current power source. 


Coaxial Illuminations

Moritex offers coaxial and simulated coaxial episcopic LEDs. The compact coaxial LEDs of the MCEL Series were designed for the MML series telecentric lenses and are ideal for objects with highly reflective surfaces.

The MSCL Series of pseudo-coaxial type LEDs produce simulated even coaxial lighting for our telecentric MML lenses and other lenses without coaxial episcopic illumination


High Wattage LED Line Illuminations

MLNX-DF series has an emission area of 120mm and it can be extended up to 2880mm.


Chip-Type Emission Plate Line Illuminations

MBRC series has an emission area of 150mm and it can be extended up to 1200mm.




Direct Ring Illuminations

High-illuminance LEDs are deployed at high density to produce 360° shadow-free illumination. This standard range type of LED lighting can be used for a wide range of applications. The different sizes give you the ability to select the model that best matches our lenses. All the direct ring lights are available at red, green, blue, and white wavelengths.

Note: Since Moritex is designs and manufactures its own LEDs, we have the ability to customize all of our LED products. Customization is most common with these direct ring LEDs.


Low Angle Ring Illuminations

The Low Angle Ring Type LEDs provide 360° illumination for reflective objects and the low angle design prevents reflections. These LEDs are ideal for slightly uneven surfaces and scratches. Various lighting angles are available at red, green, blue, and white wavelengths.


Dome Illuminations

Moritex has developed a line of dome light type LEDs. The MDML Series LEDs have been designed to evenly illuminate object surfaces by reflecting on the dome inbound light fibers arranged at 360° angles along the lower section of the dome. These dome LEDs are useful in the inspection of curved metal surfaces as well as printed surfaces (i.e. the bottom of aluminum cans). Two different size of dome LEDs are available, each in four different wavelengths: red, green, blue, and white.


IR Illuminations

Moritex now offers IR LEDs in four different configurations: array type back light, bar type, ring, and shadowless ring.


UV Illuminations

Due to the need for efficient lighting systems outside of the visible range, Moritex has introduced a line of 365nm wavelength UV LEDs. At this time, three different LEDs are available.

Parallel Light Illuminations

Moritex has now developed Parallel Lighting LEDs for profile inspection. Moritex"s MCBP Series Parallel Backlight LEDs enable the profiles of objects to be captured with high precision. Such profiling applications were difficult with conventional lights because the light was projected from the rear.

With these LEDs, the light is projected horizontally along the package and then reflected down vertically. The MCBP series LEDs are ideal for measuring the dimensions of raised objects as well as the recognition of alignment marks on glass substrates.


Full-Colour RGB Illuminations

Moritex offers a Multi-color edge type backlight arranged with RGB LEDs in a compact body.


Direct Backlight

Available in two different types of array: the MDBL (Bullet Type) and MDBC (Chip Mount Type) Series.

The MDBL Series has been designed to provide a higher luminance than the edge type LEDs with lamp type LCDs mounted immediately beneath the lighting surface. The MDBC Series utilize a thin design of the chip mounted type that is optimal for space reduction.

Advantages over the egde type backlights include a higher luminance levels and modular design, allowing multiple units to be unstalled to create larger arrays while keeping mantainance costs down


Edge Type Backlights

Moritex"s MG Wave Edge-Type Backlight LEDs have a thin, compact design that is perfect when working with limited space. Even, uniform lighting and high intensity are achieved with the use of Moritex"s proprietary light-guiding diffusion plate.

A variety of shapes and sizes are available in red, green, blue, and white wavelengths.


Power supply

The MLEK Series contains a full line of constant current power sources for Moritex"s MG Wave LED lighting solutions, excluding the MCEP Series. Since there are a wide range of lights suitable for different applications, Moritex offers different models of power sources that are designed to meet the current requirements of the lights available. Because heat generation has been reduced, they can be used in a way that makes the most of the unique features of the different LED lights. They are also equipped with a variety of functions, including output control. There are three different sub-series of power sources that differ by current output and they are: the A080 Series, A230 Series, and the B400/B660 Series.



Below is a list of the optional accessories that are available to support the use of our MG Wave LED lighthing systems and improve their functionality.

Options for Lights

Diffusion Plates (MDF Series)
The MDF series features a plate that increases the light diffusion and reduces reflection and glare from the elemet being inspected.

Polarizing Plates (MPL Series)
The MPL series plates are attached to a light and used in combination with a lens to reduce unwanted glare and reflection during image processing.

Adapters (MAD Series)
The MAD series adapters are indispensable when a diffusion or polarizing plate is attached to a ring light.

Light Control Film (MLM Series)
The MLM series is made up of resin films that transform diffused light into near-parallel light. When attached to a simulated coaxial light, it makes the light distribution pattern smoother.

Extension Cables (M-RCB & MC-EXC Series)

Options for Bridging Lights with Lenses

Simulated Coaxial Light/CCTV Lens Adapter (MLA-SC Series)
The MLA-SC series enables small simulated coaxial lights to be mounted at the end of CCTV lenses.

MML/CCTV Lens Adapter
These adapters can be easily used to combine Moritex"s lenses and LEDs.





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