System Components

ISSI CCD Color Camera

The PSP-CCD is a 2-megapixel CCD camera used for pressure sensitive paint data acquisition.  The camera is small and lightweight allowing for an array of cameras to be mounted in a tight place for larger scale models and applications.  Communication with the PSP-CCD is via Gigabit Ethernet.

Pulse/Delay Generator

The PSG-3 is a four channel pulse/delay generator used for controlling the timing of experiment parameters and can be used as an experiment master clock or externally triggered (or gated) by an external event. Pulse width, delay, repetition rate, and other timing parameters are controlled by a simple user interface.

3-Color RGB LED Light Source

The LM2X-DMHP-RGB is an LED light source that provides 3 color (Red, Green, and Blue) outputs from its LED head. This LED is used for Particle Shadow Velocimetry (PSV) to illuminate small seed particles in a flow field to measure velocity and particle density.

EF Lens Controller

The EF lens controller is designed to operate Canon® EF, EF-S and L series IS auto focus lenses as well as Sigma® and Tamron® EF lenses.  The lens controller makes it possible to operate these lenses on non-Canon® cameras.  The LC-2 gives precise control of lens focus and iris for sensitive optical systems like particle shadow velocimetry.


Between the camera and the lens, extension rings are used to move the lens away from the CCD sensor of the camera.  This will reduce the amount of light coming into the camera, thus narrowing the depth of field.  Ideally, the depth of field for PSV is 0.5 to 1.0 mm. 

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