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April 14 th, 1995 is the day on which our “ONLINE SOLUTIONS “ came into existence to serve the customers with “ SOLUTIONS” in the field of PC based Imaging, Video, Multimedia and graphics.

Since its inception, Online Solutions has been providing right and effective solutions to its customer base. Online Solutions has been taken over by Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd., in the year 1999. By expanding its product profile every year, the company is trying to keep pace with most of the customer requirements. Effective pre and post sale support stands as the base for the growth of the company.

Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd. has its associated office in Singapore to provide customers of India with complete solutions and also to facilitate them buy systems in US Dollars.

Online Solutions (lmaging) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai carries a wide range of products in the field of lmaging, Vision and video. The product Profile includes SENSORS, CAMERAS, LENS & OPTICS, LIGHTING, FRAME GRABBERS, VISION and SCIENTIFIC SOFTWARE, REAL TIME SYSTEMS, VISION SYSTEMS, e-books, High speed lmaging systems,  etc. The Company represents world’s renowned brands and manufacturers from across the globe to provide state-of- the-art, reliable solutions.

Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai is a direct distributor for different top brands like TELEDYNE DALSA, etc. Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd., also work with few companies as resellers and keep adding product line that could complement the existing product profile. The company believes in direct support from the manufacturers to enable a premium support to the customer base. On the whole, the company has a strong hold in providing timely and effective support to the customers.

Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai has designed SPECIALIZED SYSTEMS on Imaging, Machine Vision and Biometrics for educational and research institutes. These systems are designed in such a way that the users can learn all the engineering concepts in the above-mentioned ever growing fields and also can develop applications for the real world.

The Company has also developed products in the area of High End Security. “Redefining tasks through Imaging” is the key concept of the company.

Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd., in India works as a Distributor, System Integrator, OEM supporter, Consultant, Technical Support provider, Product developer etc. As the logo & trade mark of the company reveals, the company works as a SOLUTION SELLER for all needs that come under Image processing and Vision.

Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd., covers the entire stretch of India for all product line through the strong representation network across the nation.

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