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29 September 2023

Steel is the material of choice for a large number and very diverse industrial applications. Surface qualities along with other properties are the most important quality parameters, particularly for flat-rolled steel products. Traditional manual surf...


19 August 2023

Machine vision encompasses all industrial and non-industrial applications in which a combination of hardware and software provides operational guidance to devices in the execution of their functions based on the capture and processing of images. I...


13 July 2023

Though there has been lot of enhancements in technology surrounding camera systems in terms of getting a superior image quality, we still face problems caused by sensors – like alignment, exposure etc., lens mount related issues on camera, distorti...


15 June 2023

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, which is essentially a neural network with three or more layers. These neural networks attempt to simulate the behavior of the human brain—albeit far from matching its ability—allowing it to “learn...


19 April 2023

MidOpt filters have the unique ability to control the quality and quantity of light, block all unwanted ambient light, pass only the output of light necessary for inspection and significantly increase contrast and resolution. This results in improv...

IITM Releases State of the Art Software for Photoelastic analysis and Simulation

19 April 2023

IITM Releases State of the Art Software for Photoelastic analysis and Simulation The recent years in science and engineering has seen a resurgence in the use of photoelasticity in diverse fields ranging from agricultural applications to locomotion...

Machine Vision Cameras ON GigE: 5 GigE, 10GigE

23 March 2023

Machine Vision Cameras on GigE: 5 GigE, 10GigE Gigabit Ethernet is the most widely used interface in industrial image processing due to low system costs, cables up to 100 m in length and the GigE Vision standard for easy integration. The ongoing tre...

CAMERALINK HS (CLHS)- An interface Standard

23 March 2023

CLHS is a G3 standard (JIIA, EMVA and AIA) machine vision interface for communication between high-bandwidth imaging components including cameras and frame grabbers. Through the AIA, a CLHS committee with 5 active members of multiple leading edge c...

Introducing OUVSS LITE

22 March 2023

Online Solutions unveils OUVSS Under Vehicle Scanning System -Lite a lite version of their product OUVSS to serve the needs of gate security that can be operated by any security guard with no language barrier. OUVSS Lite is suitable product for hotel...

Under Vehicle Scanning System

22 March 2023

Friendship and enmity are almost neighbors. We as Human beings cannot skip or escape from these two. The hatred and enmity in today’s globalized commercial world affect people in general in terms of safety of life and valuables. There are many reas...

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