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Linea – Line Scan Cameras

The Linea Line Scan Cameras are designed powerful to use anywhere and affordable to use everywhere.
Experienced Engineers at providing installation and technical support for line scan cameras and sensors in India.


Latest generation CMOS technology.

Small and low cost, while delivering high performance, innovative mono and color performance with resolutions from 2k to 16k, and line rate up to 71kHz.

GigE Vision, Camera Link or Camera Link HS interface options.

Linea, a CMOS line scan camera that can help you improve your imaging and lower your costs. Linea starts with an advanced CMOS sensor with high quantum efficiency and low noise for better images.

Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt Ltd,India – can provide complete accessories & Software to use with Linea Line Scan Cameras and make your machine vision job almost effortless.



  • TurboDrive for line rates that break through the GigE limit
  • Programmable camera triggering, signalling and synchronization
  • Full -fledged smart flat field and lens shading correction
  • Multiple user coefficient sets and multiple FFC calibration sets
  • AOI and ROI -Multiple Area and Regions of Interest

ModelResolutionSpectrumInterfacePixel SizeMax Line Rate
➡Linea Color 2k 26 kHz GigE2048 x 2ColorGigE Vision7.04 µm26 kHz
➡Linea Color 4k 13 kHz GigE4096 x 2ColorGigE Vision7.04 µm13 kHz
➡Linea Color 4k 48 kHz CL4096 x 2ColorCamera Link7.04 µm48 kHz
➡Linea Color 8k 48 kHz CL8192 x 2ColorCamera Link7.04 µm48 kHz
➡Linea Mono 2k 52 kHz GigE2048 x 1MonoGigE Vision7.04 µmStandard: 52 kHz
TurboDrive: 80 kHz
➡Linea Mono 2k 80 kHz CL2048 x 1MonoCamera Link7.04 µm80 kHz
➡Linea Mono 4k 26 kHz GigE4096 x 1MonoGigE Vision7.04 µmStandard: 26 kHz
TurboDrive: 80 kHz
➡Linea Mono 4k 80 kHz CL4096 x 1MonoCamera Link7.04 µm80 kHz
➡Linea Mono 8k 13 kHz GigE8192 x 1MonoGigE Vision7.04 µmStandard: 13 kHz
TurboDrive: 45 kHz
➡Linea Mono 8k 80 kHz CL8192 x 1MonoCamera Link7.04 µm80 kHz
➡Linea Mono 16k 48 kHz CL16384 x 1MonoCamera Link3.52 µm48 kHz
➡Linea Mono 16K 71 kHz CLHS16384 x 1MonoCamera Link HS3.52 µm71 kHz

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