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Linea SWIR – Line Scan Camera Sensor

Ingaas GigE Line Scan Camera. 1024 pixel GigE SWIR line scan camera features a cutting-edge InGaAs sensor in a compact package for a wide variety of machine vision applications. Get More Details and product support from Top Rated Distributor in India.


Cutting-edge InGaAs Sensor

The uncooled sensor features 40kHz line rate with horizontal resolution of 512 pixels or 1024 pixels, delivering great responsivity in wavelengths hidden to human eyes

With exceptional responsivity and low noise, this camera allows customers to see their products like never before.

Linea SWIR is available as a 1k resolution camera with highly responsive 12.5 µm pixels, or a 512 resolution camera with larger 25 µm pixels

Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt Ltd, India – can provide complete accessories & Software to use with Linea SWIR Line Scan Cameras and make your machine vision job almost effortless.



  • 1024-pixels resolution -12.5µm pixel size
  • 950 to 1700nm spectral band
  • 40kHz line rate
  • HDR mode
  • Cycling mode


ModelResolutionSpectrumInterfacePixel SizeMax Line Rate
➡Linea SWIR 1k1024 x 1
MonoGigE Vision12.5 µm40 kHz
➡Linea SWIR 512512 x 1 InGaAsMonoGigE Vision25 µm40 kHz

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