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Microscopy Cameras (M Series)

Our microscope USB 3.0 cameras are designed to offer consistent, high-quality image acquisition and performance. Ideal for use in any laboratory setting, our USB 3.0 cameras let you capture high-quality imagery with your existing microscope equipment.


Microscopy camera

Pixelink USB 3.0 Microscopy cameras provide high-resolution imaging capability for both bright field and dark field microscopy in addition to offering excellent color reproduction.

Our USB 3.0 cameras offer resolutions of 1 to 15 Megapixels, fast frame rates and high resolution.

Offering both global & rolling shutter sensor options and the ability to specify a region of interest, our cameras are ideal for a number of applications that include histology, pathology, hematology, materials science, semiconductor inspection, metrology, documentation & archiving, and more.

Camera ModelResolutionSizeSensorFPSPixel Size
➡M20-CYL20 MP1"SONY IMX183202.3 µm
➡M18-CYL18 MP1/2.3"onsemi AR1820141.25 µm
➡M12-CYL12 MP1.1"SONY IMX253353.45µm
➡M12B-CYL12 MP1.1"SONY IMX304233.45 µm
➡M9-CYL9 MP1"SONY IMX255483.45 µm
➡M7-CYL7 MP1.1"SONY IMX420574.5 µm
➡M5-CYL5 MP1"onsemi Vita 5000764.8 µm
➡M5D-CYL5 MP2/3"SONY IMX250813.45 µm
➡M4-CYL4 MP1"CMOSIS CMV4000905.5 µm
➡M3-CYL3 MP1.1"SONY IMX4201414.5 µm
➡M2-CYL2 MP2/3"CMOSIS CMV20001705.5 µm
➡M1-CYL1 MP1/2"onsemi vita 13001514.8 µm

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