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Longpass- LP Series

Often referred to as a “sharp-cut” filter, Longpass Filters are specifically designed to pass a broad spectrum of longer wavelength light while blocking shorter wavelengths.


Longpass Filters

A LP470 filter passes most visible and near-IR wavelengths of light. Used with monochrome cameras to aid in increasing contrast and resolution by blocking UV and shorter deep blue wavelengths.

To achieve a similar effect while also blocking longer wavelengths including the near infrared, see our BP505 filter – transmitting longer wavelengths often leads to decreased contrast in many LED-illuminated imaging applications.

Recommend for use with laser diodes and LED lighting that operate in 810-830nm range – LP780 filter material is commonly used for Near-IR wavelengths found in machine vision applications.  An alternate-use bandpass filter would be our BP810 filter.

LP830 is suggested for use with infrared LED lighting emitting at 880nm or 850nm when it is also desirable to transmit other longer infrared wavelengths as well.

Otherwise we recommend our BP880 or BP850 filters not only for their longer wavelength blocking, but their overall higher peak transmissions.

Part NoDescriptionUseful RangeCut-on 50% T
➡LP470Light Yellow Longpass Filter480-1100nm470nm
➡LP500Yellow Longpass Filter510-1100nm495nm
➡LP515Yellow-Orange Longpass Filter520-1100nm515nm
➡LP530Orange Longpass Filter545-1100nm530nm
➡LP550Orange Longpass Filter560-1100nm550nm
➡LP580Red-Orange Longpass Filter585-1100nm580nm
➡LP590Red Longpass Filter605-1100nm590nm
➡LP610Red Longpass Filter620-1100nm610nm
➡LP630Red Longpass Filter645-1100nm630nm
➡LP645Dark Red Longpass Filter650-1100nm645nm
➡LP665Dark Red Longpass Filter680-1100nm665nm
➡LP695Near-IR Longpass Filter715-1100nm695nm
➡LP715Near-IR Longpass Filter730-1100nm715nm
➡LP780Near-IR Longpass Filter800-1100nm780nm
➡LP800Near-IR Longpass Filter820-1100nm800nm
➡LP815Near-IR Longpass Filter825-1100nm815nm
➡LP830Near-IR Longpass Filter845-1100nm830nm
➡LP850Near-IR Longpass Filter870-1100nm850nm
➡LP900(Limited) Near-IR Longpass910-1100nm900nm
➡LP920VIS Block Short-Wave Infrared Longpass Filter930-2300nm920nm
➡LP1000Short-Wave Infrared Longpass Filter1010-2300nm1000nm
➡LP1070Short-Wave Infrared Longpass Filter1100-2300nm1070nm
➡LP1475Short-Wave Infrared Longpass Filter1490-2300nm1475nm
➡LP1475AShort-Wave Infrared Longpass Filter / Extended VIS Block1490-2300nm1475nm
➡LP1850Short-Wave Infrared Longpass Filter1900-12,000nm1850nm

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