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Lens Protection-LP Series

Protective Filters are designed to shield your lens and lighting from dirt, dust, liquids, impact and harsh environments without sacrificing image quality.


LP Series - Lens Protection

Protective Filters are useful in all imaging applications. The LP285 can withstand high temperatures and is impact resistant (similar qualities to Pyrex). LP170 fused silica protective windows are made from an ultra-pure, synthetic optical material similar to fused quartz. They offer extremely low thermal expansion, high-resistance to shock, superior scratch resistance and excellent optical properties. They perform well in high-temperature applications, having the ability to withstand temperatures of up to 1100° C. They are also chemical resistant and have superior transmission in the UV through near infrared spectral ranges.



  • Industrial camera enclosures
  • Dashboard camera enclosures
  • LCD screen covers
  • Sensor and scanner covers
  • Autonomous Vehicle LiDAR enclosures
  • Drone camera enclosures
  • Sign enclosures
  • Display covers
  • Quartz tile assembly
  • Thermal applications

Part #DescriptionUseful RangeCut-on 50% T
➡LP170Fused Silica Protective Window200-2300nm
➡LP171Fused Silica Multi-Layer Vis A/R Coated Protective Window380-900nm
➡LP190Sapphire Protective Window250-2300nm
➡LP285Borofloat® Multi-Layer VIS A/R Coated Protective Window350-1100nm285nm
➡LP286Borofloat® Oleophobic VIS A/R Coated Protective Window350-1100nm340nm
➡LP330Industrial-Grade Glass Protective Window350-1100nm320nm
➡LP340Industrial-Grade Multi-Layer VIS A/R Coated Glass Protective Window350-800nm340nm
➡LP341Industrial-Grade Oleophobic VIS A/R Coated Glass Protective Window365-1100nm335nm
➡LP345Precision Multi-Layer VIS A/R Coated Glass Protective Window350-800nm340nm
➡LP347Near-IR A/R Coated Glass Protective Window690-1090nm360nm
➡LP389Precision Multi-Layer VIS + NIR A/R Coated Glass Protective Window400-1100nm380nm
➡LP390UV-Absorbing Protective Window410-1100nm380nm
➡LP415UV Block A/R Protective Window415-1100nm415nm
➡LP8000Germanium DLC Coated LWIR Protective Window7500-12500nm5235nm

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