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Bandwidth Interference- Bi Series

MidOpt Bandpass Filters are specially designed for industrial imaging


Bi Series - Narrow Bandwidth Interference


Bandpass Filters are used in a variety of industries, including machine vision,factory automation, security and surveillance, license plate recognition, medical and life science, agricultural inspection, aerial imaging, motion analysis, photography and cinematography.

UV narrowband interference filters can be used together with 350nm UV LED, UV fluorescent and other UV-producing lamp-based lighting.

These can be found in any number of consumer, medical and scientific applications including insect attraction, pharmaceutical and other instrumentation.

Filters are designed to efficiently block visible through near-IR wavelengths while passing UV light.

They are also useful for near-UV fluorescence imaging, blocking visible light and light from deeper UV excitation sources.

The substrate material is a precision polished absorptive filter glass that blocks deep red and near-IR wavelengths.

Part NoDescriptionUseful RangeFWHM
➡Bi350Near UV Interference Bandpass Filter344-358nm20nm
➡Bi385Near UV Interference Bandpass Filter370-390nm25nm
➡Bi405Violet Interference Bandpass Filter400-415nm30nm
➡Bi440(Limited) Violet Interference Bandpass Filter425-455nm32nm
➡Bi450Blue Interference Bandpass445-465nm35nm
➡Bi525Light Green Interference Bandpass518-538nm28nm
➡Bi520(Discontinued) Light Green Interference Bandpass515-525nm25nm
➡Bi550Green Interference Bandpass Filter535-558nm33nm
➡Bi615Amber Interference Bandpass Filter605-620nm23nm
➡Bi632Light Red Interference Bandpass Filter625-640nm28nm
➡Bi650Red Interference Bandpass Filter643-665nm30nm
➡Bi660Dark Red Interference Bandpass Filter650-665nm28nm
➡Bi685Dark Red Interference Bandpass Filter675-692nm25nm
➡Bi725Red Edge Bandpass Filter717-732nm25nm
➡Bi750Near-IR Interference Bandpass Filter740-765nm30nm
➡Bi780(Limited) Near-IR Interference Bandpass Filter765-795nm35nm
➡Bi808Near-IR Interference Bandpass Filter798-820nm35nm
➡Bi830Near-IR Interference Bandpass Filter810-850nm50nm
➡Bi832Near-IR Interference Bandpass Filter822-846nm40nm
➡Bi850Near-IR Interference Bandpass Filter845-860nm33nm
➡Bi880(Limited) Near-IR Interference Bandpass Filter870-890nm30nm
➡Bi905Near-IR Interference Bandpass Filter895-915nm30nm
➡Bi940Near-IR Interference Bandpass Filter930-952nm32nm
➡Bi1300Short-Wave Infrared Bandpass Filter1290-1310nm35nm
➡Bi1450Short-Wave Infrared Bandpass Filter1440-1460nm35nm
➡Bi1550Short-Wave Infrared Bandpass Filter1540-1560nm35nm

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