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Broad Bandwidth- BP Series

MidOpt Bandpass Filters are specially designed for industrial imaging


BP Series - Broad Bandwidth

Filters have a broad spectral bandwidth in the UV while effectively blocking most visible and infrared light. Note that there is a slight deep red/near IR leak that peaks at about 720nm. Because this filter absorbs all unwanted visible and/or infrared light, it is not recommended for placement in front of intense (white) light sources.


  • Available in UV, VIS and NIR passbands
  • Achieve optimal contrast
  • Improve system control, repeatability and stability
  • Block interfering wavelengths, eliminating the need for shrouds
  • Increase resolution by reducing chromatic aberration
  • Anti-reflection coated for maximum transmission
  • Hard coated, single substrate fabrication
  • Exceptional surface quality; 40/20 scratch/dig

Part NoDescriptionUseful RangeFWHM
➡BP250Deep-to-Near-UV Bandpass Filter240-260nm45nm
➡BP324Near-UV Bandpass Filter290-365nm105nm
➡BP340Near-UV Bandpass Filter315-365nm80nm
➡BP365Near-UV Bandpass Filter335-400nm80nm
➡BP450Indigo Bandpass Filter425-470nm60nm
➡BP470Blue Bandpass Filter425-495nm85nm
➡BP485Absorptive Visible Bandpass/Near-IR Block Filter380-585nm285nm
➡BP500Green-Blue Bandpass Filter440-555nm248nm
➡BP505Cyan Bandpass Filter485-550nm90nm
➡BP525Light Green Bandpass Filter500-555nm80nm
➡PE530Photopic Response Bandpass Filter495-565nm120nm
➡BP540(Limited) Light Green Bandpass Filter515-560nm65nm
➡BP550Near-IR/UV-Block Visible Bandpass Filter405-690nm300nm
➡BP590Orange Bandpass Filter560-600nm75nm
➡BP635Light Red Bandpass Filter615-645nm60nm
➡BP660Dark Red Bandpass Filter640-680nm60nm
➡BP695Near-IR Bandpass Filter680-720nm65nm
➡BP735Near-IR Bandpass Filter715-780nm90nm
➡BP800Near-IR Bandpass Filter745-950nm315nm
➡BP810(Limited) Near-IR Bandpass Filter790-830nm65nm
➡BP845Near-IR Bandpass Filter830-865nm60nm
➡BP850Near-IR Bandpass Filter820-910nm160nm
➡BP880Near-IR Bandpass Filter845-930nm130nm
➡BP1000Short-Wave Infrared Bandpass Filter930-1030nm150nm
➡BP1550Short-Wave Infrared Bandpass Filter1485-1645nm190nm

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