GigE VisionFrame Grabbers

Xtium2-XGV PX8 – Frame grabber

10GigE Vision® compatible image acquisition board with real-time de-packetization engine.


Multi-port 10 GigE Image Acquisition Board

A GigE Vision® compatible image acquisition board that features a real-time depacketization engine to convert GigE Vision image packets into ready-to-use images. Xtium2-XGV PX8 targets image acquisition from single or multiple independent 10, 5, 2.5, or 1GigE Vision area scan cameras, line scan cameras, and 3D profile sensors.


Supporting up to 32 Cameras

Building on the field-proven technology and performance of Teledyne DALSA’s Xtium2 family of image acquisition boards, the new Xtium2-XGV PX8 is a half-length multi-port 10GigE frame grabber for PCI Express™ Gen 3.0 x8 platforms. It can support up to 32 cameras in a variety of different link-speeds and scanning configurations. Available in a four or two port SFP+ configurations, the Xtium2-XGV PX8 can sustain aggregate input bandwidth of 4 GByte/s (4×10 Gbs) and up to 6.8 GBytes/sec output bandwidth to the host memory. It can also perform a variety of on-board format conversions like Bayer to RGB, Bi-colour to RGB, etc. before sending the images to the host computer.

For a more reliable GigE vision system, Xtium2-XGV supports hardware assisted packet resend and action command for external event synchronization. It is also capable of transmitting/re-transmitting IEEE-1588 messages without requiring an external switch.


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Differentiators 10GigE Vision® compatible image acquisition board with real-time depacketization engine
Board Type PCIe
Host Bus Half-length, PCIe x8
Board Interface GigE
  • 4 x SFP+ cages with latch (SFP modules not included)
  • 15-pin D-Sub High-density connector — General purpose I/Os (main bracket)
  • 16-pin connector on the board for Board-to-board Sync
Camera Format Mono8, Mono10, Mono12, Mono14 and Mono16;
RGB24 (8-bit/color); RGB32: RGB+Y 8-bit/color/pixel;
3D: XZ (CalibratedAC), XZRW (CalibratedACRW, UniformX_Z (RectifiedC)
Pixel Clock N/A
Camera Control Comprehensive event notification, Timing control logic for camera trigger, line scan direction and strobe signals, Camera control through GenCP/SFNC, Bit-Error detection and correction
Frame Buffer 512 MB image buffer
Features Board Sync
Software Sapera LT SDK: CamExpert(1D/2D), and Z-Expert(3D), Spinnaker SDK (2D)
OS Support Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 11 (64-bit), WoW64

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