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Genie Nano CL

SMALL PACKAGE. BIG FUNCTIONALITY. Camera Link CMOS cameras from 5MP to 25MP. Proven interface for high frame rates.


Smaller, faster, stronger, cheaper. Better in every way that matters.

Introducing Genie Nano, a CMOS area scan camera that redefines low cost performance. Genie Nano starts with industry leading CMOS sensors and adds proprietary camera technology for breakthrough speed, a robust build quality for wide operating temperature, and an unmatched feature set–all at an incredible price.

Genie Nano is designed to use a range of leading CMOS image sensors, including models from Sony’s Pregius and ON Semiconductor’s Python lines. With resolutions from VGA to 25 megapixels, the Nano delivers high speed, low noise, and global shutters.

With the latest high performance CMOS image sensors, Genie Nano CL lets you take advantage of higher frame rates, higher resolution, and higher performance without having to change the rest of your existing Camera Link system infrastructure.

You can keep your existing frame grabbers, cables, and application code, leveraging your existing investment to new levels of performance.

ModelResolutionSpectrumInterfacePixel SizeMax Frame Rate
➡Genie Nano-CL C24202448 x 2048
Sony IMX264
ColorCamera Link3.45 µm35 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL C24502464 x 2056
Sony IMX250
ColorCamera Link3.45 µm141 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL C40204112 x 3008
Sony IMX304
ColorCamera Link3.45 µm20 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL C40404112 x 3008
Sony IMX253
ColorCamera Link3.45 µm64 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL C40604112 x 2176
Sony IMX255
ColorCamera Link3.45 µm88 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL C40904096 x 4096
On-Semi Python 16K
ColorCamera Link4.5 µm45 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL C51005112 x 5112
On-Semi Python 25K
ColorCamera Link4.5 µm32 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL M24202448 x 2048
Sony IMX264
MonoCamera Link3.45 µm35 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL M24502464 x 2056
Sony IMX250
MonoCamera Link3.45 µm141 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL M40204112 x 3008
Sony IMX304
MonoCamera Link3.45 µm20 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL M40404112 x 3008
Sony IMX253
MonoCamera Link3.45 µm64 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL M40604112 x 2176
Sony IMX255
MonoCamera Link3.45 µm88 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL M40904096 x 4096
On-Semi Python 16K
MonoCamera Link4.5 µm45 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL M4090 NIR4096 x 4096
On-Semi Python 25k
Mono, NIRCamera Link4.5 µm45 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL M51005112 x 5112
On-Semi Python 25K
MonoCamera Link4.5 µm32 fps
➡Genie Nano-CL M5100 NIR5112 x 5112
On-Semi Python 25K
Mono, NIRCamera Link4.5 µm32 fps

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