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The outstanding feature of the EMERALD lenses is their ability to cover a wide range of working distances. With a maximum aperture of F2.2 to F5.6, EMERALD lenses provide clear and precise images even under difficult lighting conditions.




Designed specifically for large sensors, these lenses offer outstanding image quality. Their robust mechanics ensure reliable performance even in demanding and harsh environments. The special focus adjustment and locking mechanism ensures precise and stable focus adjustment.

EMERALD lenses are available in six different focal lengths from 28mm to 135mm. They offer a variety of options for different imaging situations. To meet the requirements of different cameras, the lenses are available with both F-mount and V48-mount. The compact and fast lenses with image circles from 43.2 mm to 90 mm are designed for large area and line sensors.



Image circle: 43.2 mm – 90 mm
6 focal lengths: 28 mm – 135 mm
F-Mount lens and V48-Mount lens available
Covering a wide working distance range
Initial apertures: F2.2 – F5.6

NameApertureFocal length
MountSensor sizeType Size D x L
(mm x mm)
Filter thread
➡EMERALD 2.8/28 F-SD2.8 –2228F43.2 mmstandard65 x 99.1517M62 x 0.75
➡EMERALD 2.8/28 V48-SD2.8 –2228V4843.2 mmstandard65 x 99.1523M62 x 0.75
➡EMERALD 2.8/28 F-LD2.8 –2228F43.2 mmstandard65 x 98.7510M62 x 0.75
➡EMERALD 2.8/28 V48-LD2.8 –2228V4843.2 mmstandard65 x 98.7522M62 x 0.75
➡EMERALD 2.2/50 F2.2 –1650F43.2 mmstandard59.6 x 43.2196M43 x 0.75
➡EMERALD 2.2/50 V482.2 –1650V4843.2 mmstandard55 x 43.2202M43 x 0.75
➡EMERALD 4.0/60 F4.0 –1660F62.5 mmstandard59.6 x 43.2262M43 x 0.75
➡EMERALD 4.0/60 V484.0 –1660V4862.5 mmstandard55 x 43.2197M43 x 0.75
➡EMERALD 4.0/80 F4.0 –1680F43.2 mmstandard59.6 x 62.6439M43 x 0.75
➡EMERALD 4.0/80 V484.0 –1680V4882 mmstandard55 x 43.2204M43 x 0.75
➡EMERALD 2.8/100 F-SD2.8 –22100F43.2 mmstandard60 x 98.2441M43 x 0.75
➡EMERALD 2.8/100 V48-SD2.8 –22100V4843.2 mmstandard55 x 68.4317M43 x 0.75
➡EMERALD 2.9/100 F-LD2.9 –22100F43.2 mmstandard60 x 101442M43 x 0.75
➡EMERALD 2.9/100 V48-LD2.9 –22100V4843.2 mmstandard55 x 68.4318M43 x 0.75
➡EMERALD 5.6/135 V485.6 –22135V4890 mmstandard55 x 63t.b.dM49 x 0.75

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