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These vibration insensitive lenses are designed to be used with large area and line scan sensors under harsh conditions as in many industrial applications. Very low chromatic aberrations plus low geometric distortion provide a very high image quality from edge to edge at a wide magnifications range.




The V38-Mount fits to the modular Unifoc system with its large variety of accessories, including focusing mounts, extension tubes and camera adapters. Please note: The V38 lenses do not have a built-in focusing mechanism. Therefore, a separate focusing mount and adapter is required to mount the lens on cameras. Depending on the application, additional extension rings may be required.


The compact and robust V38-Mount System, consisting of Schneider-Kreuznach lenses in a special iris mount, focusing mounts, extension tubes and camera adapters. It is the best choice for larger image circles and flexible flange-to-image distances. The system can be adapted on many different cameras for industrial and scientific applications. For assembly in reverse position special adapters are available which can be screwed into the filter thread of the lens.

The V38-Mount System provides a uniform interface with three lock-screws that engage into a groove. This guarantees a stable and durable connection and makes it possible to use multiple combinations of the individual components.



Image circle: 30 mm – 100 mm
11 focal lengths: 28 mm – 120 mm
Covering a wide working distance range
Lenses for specific magnifications available
Very low distortion and high resolution
V38-Mount, compatible to the V38 mounting system
Initial apertures: F2.8 – F5.6

NameApertureFocal length
MountSensor sizeType Size D x L
(mm x mm)
Filter thread
➡PYRITE 2.8/28 V382.8–1628V3830standard46 x 33.999M37 x 0.75
➡PYRITE 2.8/35 V382.8–2235V3830standard46 x 36.5108M37 x 0.75
➡PYRITE 2.8/40 V382.8–2240V3843.2standard46 x 39102M37 x 0.75
➡PYRITE 4.0/45 V384.0–3245V3843.2standard46 x 36.594M37 x 0.75
➡PYRITE 2.8/50 V382.8–3250V3843.2standard46 x 39.3107M37 x 0.75
➡PYRITE 4.0/60 V384.0–3260V3862.5standard46 x 41.8114M37 x 0.75
➡PYRITE 4.0/80 V384.0–4580V3882standard46 x 42109M37 x 0.75
➡PYRITE 5.6/80/1.0x V385.6–4580V38100standard46 x 47130M37 x 0.75
➡PYRITE 4.5/85/0.5x-2.0x V384.5–885V3862.5standard48.5 x 48270M37 x 0.75
➡PYRITE 4.5/90 V384.5–6490V3890standard46 x 48134M37 x 0.75
➡PYRITE 4.5/90/0.3x V384.5–6490V3890standard46 x 52129M40.5 x 0.5
➡PYRITE 5.6/100 V385.6–64100V38100standard46 x 40174M37 x 0.75
➡PYRITE 5.6/120/1.0x V385.6–64120V3890standard46 x 54.7164M40.5 x 0.5
➡PYRITE 5.6/120/0.75x V385.6–64120V3890standard46 x 54.7164M40.5 x 0.5
➡PYRITE 5.6/120/0.5x V385.6–64120V3890standard46 x 54.7164M40.5 x 0.5
➡PYRITE 5.6/120/0.33x V385.6–64120V3890standard46 x 54.7164M40.5 x 0.5

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