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SAPPHIRE lenses set a new standard in vision technology. Designed specifically for high-resolution applications, they offer an impressive resolution of up to 3.5µ pixel size.




These lenses are the perfect solution for those who require the highest image quality and precision. SAPPHIRE lenses are highly adaptable. The high performance lenses are optimized for 16k / 3.5µm and 12k / 5µm (SAPPHIRE XL: 16k / 5µm) line sensors. With an image circle of 62.5 mm to 82 mm, they can be used with both line sensors and area sensors up to 82 mm diagonal. This means maximum flexibility for your applications. We understand that each application has different requirements. That’s why our SAPPHIRE lenses offer 11 different magnification options from 0.07x to 2.0x. So you can choose the perfect magnification for your specific application and get the best possible results.

For even more versatility, we offer a beamsplitter version. In addition, the V70 mount makes it easy to mount and rotate the objective into the best azimuth. Marking the best azimuth ensures that you always have the best alignment for your application. Our Sapphire lenses are the ultimate choice for demanding applications that require the highest resolution, flexibility and precision. With their robust housings and numerous customization options, they are the perfect solution for your technical requirements.



Extremely high resolution down to 3.5µm pixel size
Image circle: 62.5 mm – 82 mm
Optimized for specific magnifications
11 magnifications available: 0.07x – 2.0x
Version with Beamsplitter available
Best azimuth marking
V70-Mount for easy installation

NameApertureFocal length
MountSensor sizeType Size D x L
(mm x mm)
Filter thread
➡SAPPHIRE 0.007/0.07x V700.0070.07xV7062.5 mmstandard75 x 102.7735M52 x 0.75
➡SAPPHIRE 0.02/0.23x V700.020.23xV7062.5 mmstandard75 x 98.2700M52 x 0.75
➡SAPPHIRE 0.03/0.29x V700.030.29xV7062.5 mmstandard75 x 98.3700M52 x 0.75
➡SAPPHIRE 0.04/0.35x V700.040.35xV7062.5 mmstandard75 x 97.5830M52 x 0.75
➡SAPPHIRE 0.05/0.5x V700.050.5xV7062.5 mmstandard75 x 100.1700M52 x 0.75
➡SAPPHIRE 0.06/0.7x V700.060.7xV7062.5 mmstandard75 x 98.3810M52 x 0.75
➡SAPPHIRE 0.08/0.875x V700.080.875xV7062.5 mmstandard75 x 98.1720M52 x 0.75
➡SAPPHIRE 0.09/1.143x V700.091.143xV7062.5 mmstandard75 x 150.8750M58 x 0.75
➡SAPPHIRE 0.10/1.75x V700.11.75xV7062.5 mmstandard75 x 91.5688M40.5 x 0.5
➡SAPPHIRE 0.10/1.75x V70-BS0.11.75xV7062.5 mmwith beamsplitter95 x 122935 -
➡SAPPHIRE XL 0.09/1.43x V700.091.43xV7082 mmstandard75 x 149.8840M58 x 0.75
➡SAPPHIRE XL 0.10/2.0x V700.12.0xV7082 mmstandard75 x 149840M58 x 0.75

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