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Coaxial Illumination

Coaxial Illumination designed for our telecentric MML Series. This series is optimized for the MML Series and achieves superb uniformity. These models deliver compact coaxial illumination at low cost.


Coaxial Illumination designed for our telecentric MML Series

MCEC Series (MG-Wave)

  • Mid power range coaxial spot lights optimized for our telecentric machine micro lenses (MML) for excellent uniformity
  • Higher brightness than MCEL-C*8 (Refer to Intensity Data)
  • Compact and low cost solution
  • Uses our Standard Power Supply Unit (MLEK) which is also used with all of our ring and backlight LEDs



MCEL Series (MG-Wave)

  • Compact type coaxial lighting compatible with the MML Series
  • Optimal for objects with highly reflective specular surfaces
  • The products in the series provide a compact design at low cost.




CV-CE Series (CompaVis)

  • Fully compatible with MORITEX telecentric lenses MML Series, achieving high illumination uniformity.
  • Even smaller in size than previous models.
  • L-shaped (right-angled) illumination cable contributes to saving installation space.






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