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Number Plate Recognition and Analytics Sub system with Camera, Optics and Software from Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai India. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is a technology that uses optical character recognition on image to read vehicle registration plates.


Number Plate Recognition and Analytics

ONPRA software allows

Management that includes USER Administration, Data Base and Reports accessible only by the administrator.

User And Admin Login
Password And Dongle Protected
Administrator Privileges To Add / Delete Users
Database Backup And Restore
easy help file access etc.

Entry of Data: Auto Detection of Number Plate.

Enter Vehicle information including Driver Name, Auto or (manual) Number Plate entry, type of vehicle and save the same to Database.

Intelligent Training of Number Plate characters to detect and enhance Auto Detection.
Data Base saving and efficient and Easy User Friendly data Search
Save and display database that includes name of the driver, auto or manual number plate entry, type of vehicle selection
Search Tools for different parameters including Date
Export data base to EXCEL sheets

Report Generation:

Reports as Charts from Management Screen.
Spread Sheets from ONPRA main window based on Data base selection.
Provisions can be added for User required reporting.


1.3 megapixel GigE Vision Monochrome Camera with Optics
ONPRA software
Option for inserting OEM’s Logo included as a standard feature.
Dongle Protected.
Microsoft Windows Based.
Software can be customized for different additional or related requirement

Intelligent Traffic Management Systems
Automated Gate Management Systems
Parking lot Management Systems
High way Toll Management Systems
Security guard decision assistance systems

Regulatory Compliance (Camera):
CE, FCC and RoHS

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