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Hence his vehicles have to be checked faster and also without making uncomfortable. To achieve this in all gates, our company has designed a cost-effective and efficient UNDER VEHICLE SCANNING SYSTEM (called as OUVSS in different versions like OUVSS Lite.



This practice can be replaced by our system as this system can scan the under chassis while the vehicle is on the move and create a high-resolution Image in the computer provided with the system.

The security guard can assess the under chassis with various options like Zoom, Stretch etc., and conclude on the safety point of view.

Normally this setup is installed in the ground in the path on which the vehicle moves and before it reaches the gate or entry point to take a pass, a security guard will have authenticated judgment to allow or disallow.

We experience in all gates of Hotels, Malls, Hospitals etc. that our vehicles are stopped and a security personnel uses a mirror to check the under chassis of the vehicle to ensure the safety.

This always gives bit uneasiness to us and we feel uncomfortable given the situation’s urgency etc.

This system also promotes compression less saving of images with only date and time as the name of the image with no reference to the customer so that privacy is also mentioned. These images would help further analysis as a digital audit.

If the customer identification can be taken, then the system is also available with features like recognizing and recording Number Plate as image and text, Driver image recording and also the name of the driver and type of the vehicle.

All these are put into a database and can be searched all the time for information with compressionless image data and true text data. This system can also generate reports and provide an Xcel file for further analysis.

Also, this system promotes comparing the current vehicles under chassis with the same vehicle’s original image both manually and automatically. These systems can also be given intelligence without comparison to identify threats.

But these cannot be assured of its authenticity as the conditions in which the images taken may have an impact on this decision. This finding can be prompted as the auto option to block the vehicle and inspect.

The idea is not to allow the wrong one even at instances right vehicles stopped. All these options provide zoom and stretch options on the Under Vehicle Images. The decision can be either manually taken for actions or another event or device can be activated.

Number plate capture and recognition in our country are challenging due to the different styles and languages used to denote Numbers and Alphabets.

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