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Particle Image Analysis software (DIPP-MacroⅡ)

DIPP-Macro II is a specialized tool used to analyze and track particles or objects in digital images or videos. The software allows you to easily filter and sort your data based on a variety of parameters. DIPP-Macro II can optimize your experiment, providing a more in-depth analysis of your samples and a better understanding of your data.


Particle Image Analysis software

What can MACRO II do for you?

Thresholding images in DIPP Macro II is simple.

The particle size analysis software will show a line graph of the color or grayscale distribution and automatically detect objects in the image.
You can manually adjust the threshold if you wish.


Particles detection

Pseudo color grayscale


Quantity count, size measurement

Binalization and Labeling


Particles visualization 

Enhancement processing + Pseudo color


Count and time series analysis 

Automated measurement and Graphing








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