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Robust Software for employing Phase Shifting Technique in Photoelasticity Developed at Digital Photomechanics Lab IIT Madras



DigiPhoto is capable of exploiting the intensity information to extract both isoclinic (orientation of principal stress direction) and isochromatic (difference in principal stresses) parameters over the complete model domain using phase shifting techniques. The software can provide isochromatic and isoclinic results from three different phase shifting techniques. DigiPhoto can also handle a single image for various digital fringe thinning algorithms and for calibration of photoelastic materials.



Capability to unwrap isoclinic data using various quality parameters with single as well as multiple seed points
Smoothing module to smooth isoclinic and isochromatic data
Post-processing module to plot and export results that are compatible with Excel and Matlab
Simulation module to simulate the isochromatics and isoclinics for benchmark problems
Result visualization module with versatile result viewing capabilities

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