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DigiTFP® Digital Twelve Fringe Photoelasticity

Robust Software for Whole Field Evaluation of Isochromatics and Isoclinics using White Light Developed at Digital Photomechanics Lab IIT Madras


Digital Twelve Fringe Photoelasticity

DigiTFP® is capable of exploiting the colour information to extract both isochromatic (difference in principal stresses) and isoclinic (orientation of principal stress direction) parameters over the model domain using the latest developments in the field. It can provide isochromatic results from a single dark field colour image. In case, one requires the isoclinic data also, the software would require four plane polariscope images recorded in colour having 0°, 22.5°, 45° and 67.5° isoclinics. It also has an advanced feature to extract isochromatic data from these isoclinic images. It accepts images in TIFF and BMP formats and also individual image planes.


Useful for shape optimisation, determination of stress concentration factors, weight reduction etc., in design office. Validate the numerical model such as Finite Elements for further parametric analysis. Aids phenomenological understanding of complex mechanics in several applications. Useful for defect identification in photoelastic coatings.


The GUI is made user friendly so that professionals from all disciplines (Stress Analysts, Dentists, NDT professionals, Glass engineers etc.) can      easily use the software.
Has a special Message Box that pops up for each major menu item to guide the user.
Has sophisticated in-built smoothing module to smooth acquired data.
Zoom feature for generating mask, export results in Excel and Matlab.

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