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PSIF – Photoelastic SIF evaluation

Robust Software for Evaluation of SIF Developed at Digital Photomechanics Lab IIT Madras


Photoelastic SIF evaluation

In Fracture Mechanics, accurate evaluation of stress intensity factors (SIFs) is very important. PSIF uses the information obtained from fringes by Digital Photoelastic techniques for the determination of SIF. The software uses the multiparameter solution to evaluate the coefficients of the series solution and the SIF values from the data points collected around the crack tip. It has its validation by reconstructing the experimental fringe patterns along with the data points collected. When the reconstructed fringes closely match with the experimental fringes, one obtains the correct set of stress field parameters for the case considered.


Has a module for data collection from fringe skeleton and whole field fringe order data

Has a module for performing over-deterministic non-linear least squares analysis

Provision for plotting the reconstructed results in dark, bright, mixed and composite fields

Capability to solve problems involving Contact Mechanics and Bimaterial interface cracks

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