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Acquisition and Control Libraries

Sapera LT is a free image acquisition and control software development toolkit (SDK) for Teledyne DALSA’S 2D/3D cameras and frame grabbers.

Hardware independent in nature, Sapera LT offers a rich development ecosystem for machine vision OEMs and system integrators.

Sapera LT supports image acquisition from cameras and frame grabbers based on standards including 2D/3D GigE Vision™, CameraLink®, CameraLink HS™, CoaXpress®, and USB3 Vision from Teledyne Lumenera.

Sapera LT SDK provides field proven functions and libraries for image acquisition from a wide variety of area and linescan color/monochrome cameras.

Sapera LT SDK support all major machine vision standard such as CameraLink, CameraLink HS and GigE Vision.

Sapera LT features GigE Vision driver that incorporate Teledyne DALSA’s patented TurboDrive™ technology to augment the GigE image transfer speeds by a factor of x1.5 to x3.

When coupled with supported hardware cameras, this breakthrough technology delivers additional bandwith to imaging applications without additional programming steps or resource utilization.

Sapera LT SDK package includes APIs for C++, .NET and Standard C with an extensive set of ready to run programming examples and projects for Microsoft Visual Studio C++ and .NET (C# and VB.NET) platforms.

The image acquisition libraries are designed for high performance vision applications in mind and offer sophisticated host image buffer and transfer management techniques.

Sapera LT SDK and its re-distributable runtime components for application deployment are offered free of charge when used with Teledyne DALSA cameras and frame grabbers.

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