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Sapera Processing

Sapera Processing is at the heart of Sapera Vision Software delivering a suite of image processing and artificial intelligence functions


Image Processing

Basic image processing primitives such as filtering, morphology, geometry and point-to-point operations.

Image analysis tools such as barcode reading/grading, pattern matching (search), OCR, color analysis, camera calibration for lens distortion correction, 2D/3D measurement and blob analysis functions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) inference based on models imported from AstrocyteTM training tool.

3D processing, analysis and measurement functions to operate on data from Z-Trak 3D sensor or any third-party 3D device.

Sapera Processing also offers a suite of demo programs showing how to integrate acquisition from Teledyne devices via Sapera LT.

Image Processing Primitives

Hardware independent, image acquisition, image processing/analysis and artificial intelligence library

Supports Area-scan and Line-scan, monochrome and color, 2D and 3D cameras

Power tools for tasks like image recognition, object identification, 2D/3D measurement, machine guidance, surface inspection, object segmentation, object tracking and others

Designed for machine vision OEMs, System Integrators and End users

Modular components supporting C++ and .NET languages

Multi-Core optimization supported on single or multiple CPU configurations

User-friendly non-programming graphical environment to quickly prototype and test drive application specific imaging tools

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