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MORE PIXELS. MORE FRAMES. MORE POWER. The Falcon4-CLHS M4480 / M4400’s large pixel width and very high frame rate offer a powerful solution to many imaging challenges


True High Performance Area Scan Camera

For true high-performance imaging, turn to the Falcon™4-CLHS camera series.

Using Teledyne Imaging’s advanced CMOS architectures, the Falcon4-CLHS cameras offer unique, unprecedented capabilities for large area, high-resolution, high-speed imaging.

Models range from 11.2 megapixels to 86 megapixels, with frame rates up to 609 fps.

When high-speed and high-resolution imaging are top priorities, the new range of Falcon4-CLHS cameras deliver.

Available in multiple resolutions ranging from 11.2 megapixels to 86 megapixels, the high-speed 11M model can capture images at up to 600 fps, greatly increasing imaging system efficiency.

While higher resolution models like 37M, 67M and 86M offer incredible resolution and throughput for a variety of challenging applications.

Take more images. A lot more images

The Falcon4-CLHS M4480 / M4400 is a unique offering in the 2D area scan market with a frame rate that can reach up to 600 fps.

The speed of these models can be difficult to visualize. What does 600 frames per second mean?

  • 4480 x 2496, 6 µm pixels
  •  APS-C format lenses
  • CLHS 4 or 7-Lanes – 10.3 Gb / sec. per Lane
  • Over 12 times faster frame rate than typical 4KHD cameras

ModelResolutionSpectrumInterfacePixel SizeMax Frame Rate
➡Falcon4-CLHS 86M10720 x 8064
Teledyne DALSA IA-M1-0086M 86 MP
MonoCamera Link HS6 µm16 fps
➡Falcon4-CLHS M44004480 x 2496
Teledyne e2v Lince 11 MP
MonoCamera Link HS6 µm330 fps
➡Falcon4-CLHS M44804480 x 2496
Teledyne e2v Lince 11 MP
MonoCamera Link HS6 µm600 fps
➡Falcon4-CLHS M62006144 x 6144
Teledyne e2v Emerald 37M
MonoCamera Link HS2.5 µm120 fps
➡Falcon4-CLHS M82008192 x 8192
Teledyne e2v Emerald 67M
MonoCamera Link HS2.5 µm90 fps

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