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Lumenera LT – Machine Vision Camera

USB3 CAMERAS The advantage of Sony’s Pregius CMOS sensors is the combination of both global shutter technology with high resolution and high frame rates.
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With robust compact enclosures and fully-locking USB3 connectors, the Teledyne Lumenera Lt Series USB3 Cameras are built for rugged 24/7 use.

Manufactured using the latest rolling shutter Starvis™ CMOS sensors and global shutter Pregius™ CMOS sensors from Sony®, and ranging in resolution from 1.7-31 megapixels, these cameras perform in a wide variety of imaging applications such as aerial imaging, Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), robotic inspection solutions, and life sciences.

◆ Teledyne Lumenera Lt Series Cameras offer a more compact and lower cost imaging solution and are designed specifically to meet the challenges of today’s modern imaging systems that strive to provide advanced vision performance while using less power, less space, and fitting increasingly tight industry budgets.

Sony Starvis rolling shutter CMOS sensors provide high sensitivity imaging performance. Excellent color reproduction, high dynamic range, and low noise can be achieved with Sony’s back illuminated sensor technology.

By applying the photo sensitive surface on top of the metal wiring instead of the normal layout where light is blocked around the photo-diode, a greater amount of light can reach the sensor.

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ModelsResolutionFrame RateSensorColor / Mono
➡Lt-C1610/Lt-M16101.7 MP96 fpsIMX432 color/mono
➡Lt-C1630/Lt-M16302.0 MP86 fpsIMX430 color/mono
➡Lt-C19002.1 MP60 fpsIMX327color
➡Lt-C1950/Lt-M19502.3 MP162 fpsIMX392 color/mono
➡Lt-C2020/Lt-M20203.2 MP55 fpsIMX265 color/mono
➡Lt-C2050/Lt-M20503.2MP151fpsIMX252 color/mono
➡Lt-C2420/Lt-M24205.1 MP35 fpsIMX264 color/mono
➡Lt-C2450/Lt-M24505.1 MP93 fpsIMX250 color/mono
➡Lt-M24705.1 MP92 fpsIMX547 mono
➡Lt-C3200/Lt-M32007.1 MP50 fpsIMX428 color/mono
➡Lt-C3840/Lt-M38408.3 MP44 fpsIMX334 color/mono
➡Lt-C4030/Lt-M40308.9 MP31 fpsIMX267 color/mono
➡Lt-C4060/Lt-M40608.9 MP56 fpsIMX255 color/mono
➡Lt-C4020/Lt-M402012 MP22 fpsIMX304 color/mono
➡Lt-C4040/Lt-M404012 MP40 fpsIMX253 color/mono
➡Lt-C5470/Lt-M547016.9 MP32 fpsIMX267 color/mono
➡Lt-C4430/Lt-M443019.7 MP28 fpsIMX367 color/mono
➡Lt-C5500/Lt-M550020 MP19.6 fpsIMX183 color/mono
➡Lt-C6480/Lt-M648031 MP17 fpsIMX342 color/mono
➡Lt-M451020.4 MP26 fpsIMX541 mono

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