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Lumenera LT BL – Machine Vision Camera

USB 3 BOARD LEVEL CAMERAS. USB3 board level cameras from 1.7MP to 12MP. Designed for today’s embedded vision systems.
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Teledyne Lumenera’s Lt Series Board Level Cameras offer a smaller, lighter, and lower cost imaging solution. Equipped with the latest rolling shutter Starvis™ CMOS sensors and global shutter Pregius™ CMOS sensors from Sony®.

They range in resolution from 1.7 – 12 megapixels providing the flexibility to meet the requirements of a wide variety of imaging systems.

These Board Level Cameras are designed specifically to meet the challenges of today’s embedded systems with design considerations such as, connectors on the side of each camera so applications can take advantage of shorter cable lengths, and a flat-back design that minimizes the space required for vision systems.

The compact design of the new Lt Series Board Level Cameras allows for easy integration into imaging systems with small form factors.

This means the new Board Level Cameras are ideal for integrating into portable or handheld imaging devices, and compact OEM imaging system designs with a minimal footprint.

Since Board level cameras do not have pre-installed lens mounts, system designers and optical engineers have the flexibility to select a C-mount, CS-mount, M-12 (S-mount), or another lens type to meet the specific needs of the imaging application.

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ModelsResolutionFrame RateSensor
➡Lt-C1610B / Lt-M1610B1.7 MP96 fpsIMX432 color/mono
➡Lt-C1630B / Lt-M1630B2.0 MP86 fpsIMX430 color/mono
➡Lt-C1900B2.1 MP60 fpsIMX327 color
➡Lt-C1950B / Lt-M1950B2.3 MP162 fpsIMX392 color/mono
➡Lt-C2020B / Lt-M2020B3.2 MP55 fpsIMX265 color/mono
➡Lt-C2420B / Lt-M2420B5.1 MP35 fpsIMX264 color/mono
➡Lt-C3200B / Lt-M3200B7.1 MP50 fpsIMX334 color/mono
➡Lt-C3840B / Lt-M3840B8.3 MP44 fpsIMX334 color/mono
➡Lt-C4030B / Lt-M4030B8.9 MP31 fpsIMX267 color/mono
➡Lt-C4020B / Lt-M4020B12 MP22 fpsIMX304 color/mono

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