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Machine Vision Camera (PL-D Series)

Pixelink’s extensive USB 3.0 Vision compliant camera lines are ideal for OEMs and organizations seeking reliable, high-quality machine vision cameras with fast data transfer speeds. These cameras use the latest CMOS sensors and provide high resolution, low noise images for a broad range of industrial applications.


Our USB cameras are ideal for new or existing customers looking to upgrade to USB 3.0 while maintaining existing frame rates and resolutions. All Pixelink industrial USB cameras can be used in both off-the-shelf and custom industrial vision solutions. Pixelink autofocus cameras feature various frame rates, lens formats, and sensor types in addition to global and rolling shutters to meet your application requirements.

  • Small form factor
  • Board level and flex cable configurations
  • Autofocus feature available models up to 2/3″ sensor
  • Hardware trigger
  • Variety of sensor size, frame rate, resolution, and pitch
  • Sony, ON Semi and CMOSIS sensors

Onlsol – Reliable Dealer and support specialist for Machine Vision Camera Sensors in India.

Camera ModelResolutionSizeSensorFPSPixel Size
➡PL-D792424 MP1.2"SONY IMX540172.74 µm
➡PL-D792020 MP1.1"SONY IMX541212.74 µm
➡PL-D762020 MP1"SONY IMX183202.4 µm
➡PL-D771818 MP1/2.3"onsemi AR1820141.8 µm
➡PL-D771515 MP1/2.3"onsemi MT9F002131.4 µm
➡PL-D751212 MP1.1"SONY IMX253353.45 µm
➡PL-D791212 MP1.1"SONY IMX304233.45 µm
➡PL-D7599 MP1"SONY IMX255483.5 µm
➡PL-D7999 MP1"SONY IMX267323.5 µm
➡PL-D7977.1 MP1.1"SONY IMX428514.5 µm
➡PL-D757 (HDR)7.1 MP1.1"SONY IMX420574.5 µm
➡PL-D7266.6 MP1"onsemi IBIS 45.33.5 µm
➡PL-D755-POL5 MP2/3"SONY IMX250MZR533.45 µm
➡PL-D7555 MP2/3"SONY IMX250813.45 µm
➡PL-D7955 MP2/3"SONY IMX264363.45 µm
➡PL-D7755 MP1/2.5"MT9P031 / Color142.2 µm
➡PL-D7344.2 MP1"CMOSIS cmv4000905.5 µm
➡PL-D753 (HDR)2.8 MP2/3"SONY IMX4211434.5 µm
➡PL-D7522.3 MP1/1.2"SONY IMX1741675.86 µm
➡PL-D7322.2 MP2/3"CMOSIS cmv20001705.5 µm

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