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HAS-U1 is a high speed camera with ½-inch CMOS sensor and 1.3M 1280×1024 effective pixels that can shoot 200fps at full resolution, 800fps at VGA, and up to 4,000fps by limiting the pixel area.


High Speed Camera

Perfect for multiple high speed camera imaging with embedded memory in one compact solution.



Camera unit

USB3.0 cable

Control software


Connection diagram

Embedded memory mode

Multiple cameras with one PC


DMA transfer mode

Large volume of memory available using 64bit OS


  • Well balanced between high resolution and high frame rates
  • It can use both embedded 2GB memory mode and direct memory access mode with USB3.0 as the situation demands
  • Fully synchronized multiple high speed cameras with just one laptop PC
  • Large volume of memory by using 64bit OS
  • The low power consumption design, made for USB3.0 bus power, simplifies your cabling layout
  • Internal / External sync
  • 10bit A/D
  • Data transmission rate at 250MB/sec
  • Unit weight approx. 210g, unit size (W×H×D) 44×44×81.5mm



Camera type Monochrome (HAS-U1M) / Color (HAS-U1C)
Sensor Type CMOS
A/D 10bit
Effective resolution 1280×1024 (1.3M Pixel)
Sensor format 1/2- inches
Lens mount C
Recording Mode Embedded memory /DMA transfer
Memory size 2GB
Data output USB3.0
Interface Micro-B
Shutter (exposure) Minimum 1/100,000 (10 μ)
Sensitivity (at 550nm) 7.7V / Lux.s
Power input 5V
Power delivery USB bus power / 12pin
Electric requirement Under 4.5W
Weight Approx.210g
Size 44mx44mx81.5mm


Control Software

Trigger mode Start/ End/ Variable (3.3V TTL or contact signal)
Aux function Histogram/ Guide line/ Focus peeking/ Live image rotation / Time stamp/ Trimming/ Text
Image Format AVI, WMV, BMP/ JPEG,RAW
Supported OS Windows 7,8/8.1,10


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