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Genie Nano CXP

MORE PIXELS, MORE PERFORMANCE, SAME NANO QUALITY CoaXPress cameras from 16MP to 67MP. Proven 6Gbps technology for breakthrough speed.


Speed & Quality

Introducing Genie Nano-CXP, a camera designed for full-throttle performance. Genie Nano-CXP builds on Nano’s proven, industry leading reputation and leverages a CoaXPress 6Gbps interface to deliver the maximum throughput from leading edge high resolution CMOS image sensors.

In resolutions from 16 to 67 megapixels, Genie Nano-CXP ensures robust build quality, wide operating temperature, and an unmatched feature set—all at an incredible price.

Unleash the maximum from Genie Nano-CXP cameras with our Xtium™-CXP frame grabber.

Supporting  four input channels of up to 6.25 Gb/s, the Xtium-CXP takes full advantage of PCIe Gen 2.0 platform to deliver host transfer bandwidth up to 3.4 GB/s using PCIe x8 slots.

By enabling maximum sustained throughput and ready-to-use image data, the Xtium series minimizes CPU usage and improves processing times for the host applications.

ModelResolutionSpectrumInterfacePixel SizeMax Frame Rate
➡Genie Nano-CXP C40904096 x 4096
On-Semi Python 16K
ColorCoaXPress4.5 µm120 fps
➡Genie Nano-CXP C51005120 x 5120
On-Semi Python 25K
ColorCoaXPress4.5 µm80 fps
➡Genie Nano-CXP C62006144 x 6144
Teledyne E2V Emerald 36M Color
ColorCoaXPress2.5 µm43 fps
➡Genie Nano-CXP C82008192 x 8192
Teledyne E2V Emerald 67M Color
ColorCoaXPress2.5 µm30 fps
➡Genie Nano-CXP M40904096 x 4096
On-Semi Python 16K
MonoCoaXPress4.5 µm120 fps
➡Genie Nano-CXP M4090-NIR4096 x 4096
On-Semi Python 16K
Mono, NIRCoaXPress4.5 µm120 fps
➡Genie Nano-CXP M51005120 x 5120
On-Semi Python 25K
MonoCoaXPress4.5 µm80 fps
➡Genie Nano-CXP M5100-NIR5120 x 5120
On-Semi Python 25K
Mono, NIRCoaXPress4.5 µm80 fps
➡Genie Nano-CXP M62006144 x 6144
Teledyne E2V Emerald 36M Monochrome
MonoCoaXPress2.5 µm43 fps
➡Genie Nano-CXP M82008192 x 8192
Teledyne E2V Emerald 67M Monochrome
MonoCoaXPress2.5 µm30 fps

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