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10 January 2024

Education is an experience that enlightens. Education in any age of life from kinder garden to universities will require the study of theory and understand the concepts through practical sessions.

Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd., strongly believes in professional way of gaining the real world experience in the universities. With this notion, company has designed products called Educational kits in the field of Imaging, Machine Vision, Robotics, Biometrics, Microscopy and more in pipe line.The important aspect of any of these educational kits would be as below:

  • Teach theory – Learn and Share
  • Provide practical exercises as mimic of industry in desktop
  • Do projects and prototypes like in industry
  • Implement and test the implementation.

Based on the above all the educational kits will have theory and practice in chapters or e -books and then components from the world’s renowned industry’s leading manufacturers to work on real world projects in the institute premises with no compromise of quality and accuracy.

Educational kit on imaging contains a Vision Tutor e-book, 2D and 3D processing software, Color Cameras and accessories.


Educational Kit on Machine Vision contains a Mv -book, Machine Vision software, Color/Mono Cameras , Lens kit, Light Kit, LASER kit and other accessories.

Educational kit on Biometrics contains white paper on different topics, components for Finger, Face, IRIS, Signature recognition development.

Educational kit on Robotics contains a mobile robot with arms, all related software and system to learn and design algorithms on Robotics.

Educational kit on Microscopy contains a camera and software set that can be mounted on any Microscope for study. Imaging kit can be added to this for further biomedical processing.

Integration of these kits or customizing of these kits according to need is also possible.Class room (theory) can be tried and understood in Lab(through these kits) and the same can be implemented in real world application field.

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