23 January 2024

Sports Applications, 3D based Mixed Reality, Broadcast and New Media demand usage of Cameras of high resolution and high frame rate than standard frame rates of up to 120fps or so. Machine Vision technology could bring in this kind of different resolutions and frame rates cameras that can also be configured for higher frame rates and lower resolutions through SDK programming.

Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai represent IO INDUSTRIES who have VOLUCAM cameras that could be a perfect fit for the above-said applications. These models also have built in storage from 1 TB to 8TB for storing UNCOMPRESSED or LOSSLESS COMPRESSED video for different time of recording based on resolution and frame rates.

This article would simplify the capabilities of VOLUCAM in easy-to-read points.


1) The VOLUCAM™ is a compact, multi-format, variable frame rate video camera with internal RAW video recording. (RAW means with no compression, no specific video recording format or codec s used. This is more of a proprietary recording method) If needed to be compressed, it is also possible by invoking lossless codecs. (Once we know the need of the project, we can select the codec)

2) Camera options as 1.8MP at 600fps, 2.3MP at 160 fps, 3.1MP at 300fps, 5MP at 160fps, 8.9MP at 90fps, 9.1MP at 120fps, 12MP at 60fps, 24.4MP at 90fps, 26MP at 40fps are available. We can select a camera model of our resolution and frame rate interest.

3)Storage capacity from 1TB to 8TB available and is selectable.

4) Depending on the resolution, frame rate, bits per pixel and storage available, different timings of recording can be performed. There is a calculator available to do these calculations in the IOI web site.

5) Cameras come with C Mount lens mount option and can be adapted to any other lens type like F , EF etc

6) Apart from recording the video will also be rapidly transfer video recordings from the VOLUCAM into a network-accessible shared folder or NAS (network attached Storage) in 10 GigE . This interface is used for all configuration and operational control commands, and also for streaming live video to the control software on a computer host system. Live video streaming is also supported through the 10GbE interface, and the bandwidth used for this can be tailored by adjusting resolution and frame rate of the live video stream.

7) Also, there is a live Video Monitoring option with 12G-SDI video output capable of streaming Full HD or Ultra HD video at up to 60fps.

8) The transfer of Video to NAS etc., are only after recording.

9) All controls to camera are from Host computer where the output from camera in 10 GigE is connected through the software ( these dictates recording, redirecting the video to Network accessed storage etc., display enable, recording time, frame rate, resolution, bits and all needed). The software is available as IO Industries StudioCap-VC software or custom-developed application using StudioCap-VC SDK. This SDK can be used for development and integration into customer application.

10) Frame time stamping and other synchronization for multiple camera integration and other tasks available in separate ports and also controllable by software.

11) Once recordings are completed, the cameras begin transmitting their files to a network-accessible shared folder or NAS, where they can be accessed by third party processing software. Apart from this if the customer is comfortable with 12G-SDI output to monitor to be tapped with another system ( where a 12G-SDI acquisition card and software is used), they can do so.

As these cameras can be configured for different resolutions and frame rates it is essential to record and then transfer to other storage places where it can be accessed as usual through network.


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