14 January 2024

In Machine Vision systems, INTERFACE CABLES between CAMERA and HOST PC play an important role in terms of stability, flexibility, distance the signal to be carried etc..

As known there are lot of interface standards available now and can be selected as per project need like GigE, 10 GigE, 5 GigE, USB3 Vision, Camera Link, Camera Link HS, Coaxpress etc..

While configuring the tricky part comes in when the project needs better resolution, Frame rates and also frame grabber less interface. For instance, if we land with our selection, a USB 3 Vision then we get in to the issue of Cable length.

Even if Frame grabber is considered and for assured technology continuity and proven for many years, Camera link may be chosen. Here again depending on clock and the standards like BASE, FULL, MEDIUM, DECA etc., we may again land in this cable length issue.

The first solution is to use OPTICAL conversion and extend using Fibre optics. This may not fit in all areas of operations. Given this situation, the actual cables used in USB and Camera Link have to be extended. In the past CAMERA LINK repeaters ( again boxes separately made to extend ) where the camera link cable is connected to the repeater at a particular distance and then another cable is run from there to the Host system

Image courtesy Vivid Engineering.


This is used for many years now.

The latest available solution is based on CEI’s BITMAXX Technology Solution to extend the cable lengths.



Equalization is an analog technique to reverse the low pass effect of the cable with a high pass filter to recover and restore the original signal.

Pre-Emphasis is a unique signal improving technique that opens the eye pattern at the far end of the cable for point to point applications. Pre-Emphasis adds additional output current during the transition time of the bit. 


  • Double your cable distance
  • Fraction of the cost of repeaters
  • High-flex cable construction
  • Compact, low profile solution
  • PoCL compatible
  • Base and Full configurations available

Exclusive NEW technology which allows you to extend your Camera Link cable to 25 Meters @ 85MHz without the use of repeaters and their associated hardware! A simplified solution.

For USB, there are solutions available based on BITMAXX technology

Currently, the best passive USB3 cables on the market are unable to surpass lengths greater than 5M. There are other active cables on the market, but they are not backwards compatible to USB2, and are unable to plug & play in a standard USB environment. These other active solutions offer insufficient wattage for the camera and expensive optical solutions do not support power over the cable and are very delicate. Their performance instability leads to unreliable performance resulting in image errors due to the cabling.


CEI’s USB3 BitMaxx cables offers the Industry’s First STABLE Plug & Play active cable solution for USB Vision, supporting full 5 gig USB3 throughput and power delivery up to 20 meters in length with full USB2 backward compatibility. Designed with the emphasis for durability and dependability using high grade copper and robust shielding to protect against EMI, CEI’s USB3 BitMaxx cables provides excellent and reliable performance. Available with a variety of connector and cable choices including right angle exits and Robotic grade cable. Each assembly undergoes rigorous testing and verification before leaving our facility.



Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai India distributes CEI products in India. Kindly visit to know more. Users can also visit use the cable configurator and configure the cables by themselves, create the part number and mail to [email protected] for pricing and other related technical and commercial queries.

Technology in all fields is to EXTEND … We have solutions for all customers in MACHINE VISION to extend their interface cable lengths…


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