Gate Security – The UVSS way

9 January 2024


Threat drives all establishments to increase their visibility and vigil in a broader way. Security guards play the major role in the security of any premises. But the human ability to rapidly and accurately perform multiple security functions simultaneously is always challenging.Technology  leads the way in intelligent inspection and recognition solutions to secure borders, identify threats, accelerate throughput and provide real-time actionable intelligence.World is data driven now and data gives all knowledge and all needed precautions to be taken to ensure safety and stop re occurrences of any mishaps.

Security in any organization would start from the Gate. Gate Security has to now secure, collect data, provide it in auditable legally acceptable data and extract information for further studies and prevention.

In gates invariably, noting down the number plate of the vehicles, take note of the driver, search the bottom of the car for threats and thefts, check the vehicle interiors i.e. all compartments of the vehicle are multiple tasks to be performed and probably manually noted down and decision made. This would surely differ from human to human on interpreting the threats and thefts. Lagging in the part of security guards due to human emotions and human errors would add to the problems in performing the tasks successfully.

UVSS – Under Vehicle Scanning systems – a system based on the moto security redefined by Imaging can be the solution apt and full.

UVSS will have the camera technology to capture, store and display the under chassis of the vehicle, Number plates, Driver image etc. All these would be added to a data base with date, time and tagged to the security guard operating.

Database would contain image data that includes Vehicle image with Number plate, Under Chassis, Driver Image and  text data that includes Number plate in text form recognized automatically, driver name fed by the user, Security guard info through his login, remarks and comments, comparison data, results etc.

With UVSS – data base search becomes simplified as you can search for information  or data by just entering date time driver name or vehicle number. No video searching required.

UVSS – Online Solutions (Imaging) Pvt. Ltd., India has developed a solution called OUVSS – Online Under Vehicle Scanning System that has all the above explained facilities to achieve the assured security in the gates.

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