Why Choose Online “Machine Vision Kit”?

10 January 2024

Machine Vision Kit


Online Machine Vision Kit is designed specifically for educational institutes to set up a MACHINE VISION Lab. The core objectives of setting up an Machine Vision lab would be as follows:

1.  Provide Theoretical and practical training of “Imaging Concepts in Machine Vision Industry related to Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering”.

Imaging concepts though learnt through text books always require an easy to use tool to try and understand the concepts visually i.e. by applying the concepts on different images to see and feel the conceptual effects practically.

2. Conduct Training Programs to the in house faculty and also to other institutions.

Machine Vision Kit serves as an Practical tool that helps to teach concepts practically by trying concepts on different images, Image sequences, Video etc. in software.

3. Project Works to the final year students.

Project work generally needs capture of images in live or get images from other sources. The camera provided with the Kit will help students to capture and store images in still and sequence for further project analysis and also control.

The next step in the project work is to have a software base to work on. Architect & Sapera SDK – the heart of the Kit provides this base in the following ways.

A. Students can do their PROTOTYPING of the project using the GUI approach of Architect by trying different techniques with literally no programming.

B. Once the algorithm for the project is set, they can reproduce the same through programming approach of Sapera SDK. Sapera SDK  promotes programming in VB, VC++, C# etc using the DLLs provided in the package.

Architect provides GUI programming in the GUI environment also.


Industry Projects:

As a complete setup with Camera, Imaging/Vision software and other items educational institutes can under take industry projects. Software supplied is well known software, which is, used world wide in different Machine Vision applications like gauging, robotics, automation, inspection etc.

A conveyer setup is provided to mimic the industry in the lab

Apart from the above listed objectives, the following reasons add value for choosing “Machine Vision Kit”.

A. Expandability: Software supplied is also available for Multi user system. Hence it can be upgraded later for setting up a lab with many imaging systems at a reasonable cost. The Software is not constrained to any PC or OS. The software can work on any Intel based host PC with Windows 764, Windows 10.

B. Installation and Training: ONLINE SOLUTIONS (IMAGING) PVT. LTD., Chennai – the designers and promoters of this Kit will install the entire sub system as required by the users and also provide effective training on the usage of the system to customers satisfaction.

C.Support: Any Imaging/Vision product sale is not a mere component selling but concept selling. Online Solutions, Chennai has a wide experience of configuring imaging systems for different projects in defence, research and industry. Hence, the company can provide active participation in any industry projects considered by the educational institutions.

D. Conducting courses and Training programs: Online Solutions, Chennai has prior experience in conducting training programs and courses along with educational institutes for outsiders. These co-curricular activities will yield experience, name and money to the involved educational institutes.

E. Institutions can also buy Lens kit, Light kit, Laser kit, Filter kit, Color camera kit to expand their lab to a complete Machine Vision center of excellence.



Technically “Online Machine Vision Kit” is the ONLY complete solution available in the market with experience of the promoting company in the educational and research sector as an added value.

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