Line Scan Cameras -TDI

8 January 2024


“A New Definition of Speed with very high resolution up to 32K ”. 

The all new Linea HS™   Line Scan Camera – TDI from Teledyne DALSA -Imaging delivers line rates up to 300 kHz at 16k resolution or up to 150 kHz at an incredible 32k resolution–over 5 Gpixels/sec via CLHS interface.

Camera Link HS is the next generation interface standard that addresses the needs of all machine vision applications. It is designed from a system point of view, ensuring the ability to create low cost cameras and frame grabbers, while fulfilling the ease of use, flexibility and data reliability demanded by customers.


Key Features

  • Scalable Bandwidths from 300 to 16,000 MB/s
  • Extremely Reliable Data Delivery: immune to single bit transmission errors
  • Copper or Fiber Optic Cables from 15 to 300+ meters in length
  • Multi-Vendor Compliant Components Available
  • Shared IP core for quick, low-risk, low-cost developments

Building on Teledyne DALSA’s heritage in CCD TDI, the new CMOS TDI technology in Linea HS  – Line Scan Camera – TDI is the most advanced in the marketplace. With up to 128 TDI stages (plus an extra 64 in HDR mode) for unmatched sensitivity and incredibly low noise, Linea HS excels in the highest speed, lowest light applications.

Powerful Features:

The Linea HS Line Scan cameras – TDI deliver the highest performance available, with unique features that significantly improve detect ability for many demanding applications.

HDR Imaging

Synchronized IO to control external lighting from the camera

Multifield synchronization for simultaneous brightfield/darkfield imaging–up to four spectrally independent views in a single pass

Fiber optic cables up to 100 m

High MTF pixel design

Super resolution mode

Typical Applications

The Linea HS Line Scan Camera  – TDI enables high speed and high sensitivity imaging in light starved conditions like these:

  • FPD Inspection
  • PCB Inspection
  • Wafer Inspection
  • Gene Sequencing
  • Digital Pathology

If you need maximum throughput in the toughest conditions, ideal solution is Linea HS TDI Line Scan Cameras.


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