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Triggering and Synchronization

17 January 2024

When to acquire an image? Is it continuously to be acquired or only a frame at an exact time or continuous acquiring from an exact time or stop at an exact time etc.. are questions that arise depending on the application need. This is crucial in some...

Hyperspectral & Multispectral Imaging

8 January 2024

HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGING & MULTISPECTRAL IMAGING Hyperspectral imaging is a kind of spectral imaging collects and processes information from across the electromagnetic spectrum Hyperspectral imaging is to obtain the spectrum for each pixel...

Line Scan Cameras -TDI

8 January 2024

LINE SCAN CAMERAS -TDI “A New Definition of Speed with very high resolution up to 32K ”.  The all new Linea HS™   Line Scan Camera – TDI from Teledyne DALSA -Imaging delivers line rates up to 300 kHz at 16k resolution or up ...

Line Scan Camera

8 January 2024

Line scan Camera Perhaps the most common example of line scan camera imaging is the fax machine. Line scan camera imaging uses a single line of sensor pixels (effectively one-dimensional) to build up a two-dimensional image. The second dimensi...

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